Plasticine Play-Doh Unboxing

Plasticine Play-Doh Unboxing: Today Noah had received a playset that included thirty-four cups of plasticine also known as play-doh in a carrying case.

There are many different colors in this set, you also get some plastic cutting tools and some small cookie cutters in this set. The last set Noah had received was a twenty-four color set with some cutters, eyeballs, and plastic knives.

This plasticine playset has more colors, and even a carry case to store all the cups of play-doh. If you are a play-doh lover, you will love this set. This plasticine set is lightweight, and stretchable to make your favorite designs and creations.

Just like play-doh, you can mold it to anything that you desire or sculpt any animal or flower you like. This plasticine is non-toxic and safe for kids to play with. Just like play-doh, you need to take care of it or it will dry out and become hard,

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36 Color Playset

24 Colors with Tools

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