K12 3Rd Grade School Online Supply Unboxing

K12 3Rd Grade School is Noah’s 2nd year in this school, due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Previously he went to another school called Connections Academy, who offered an online education from grades Kindergarten to twelve grade.

Background of K12 Online Home School

K12 is a for-profit education company that sells online schooling and curricula. K12 is an education management organization that provides online education designed as an alternative to traditional “brick and mortar” education for public school students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

K12 has schools all over the United States, so transferring to a different state is easy and they will connect you and your parent to the local school to join in any activities that the school has to offer.

K12 Supplies

K12 Third Grade Curriculum 

K12’s online 3rd grade courses, studies focus on independent reading, the scientific method, mathematical problem solving, and much more. Used by thousands of families as either their 2nd-grade homeschool curriculum or as a supplement to brick-and-mortar courses, K12’s 3rd-grade courses give you the power to optimize your child’s education.

K12 3rd-grade courses cover five core subjects. In our online 3rd grade math, students learn numbers through 500, addition and subtraction, and problem-solving. K12 science students complete hands-on projects, like making magnets and pulleys; history students journey from the Stone Age to the Space Age; and language arts students transition to independent reading.

K12 3Rd Grade School

Finally, K12’s 3rd Grade Art can round out the 3rd-grade curriculum with cultural studies in Rome, medieval Europe, Islam, Mexico, Africa, China, and Japan. To ensure you’re happy with your chosen program, K12 offers affordable payment options as well as a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Third Grade Subjects

  1. Art (1)
  2. Social Studies (1)
  3. Language Arts (2)
  4. Math (2)
  5. Science (2)
  6. World Languages (4)
  7. Elective

K12 Supply Kit Unboxing

In the starter kit, you will receive books and supplies for every subject, including handbooks. You will receive supplies for Math, English, Science, Social Studies and they will let you pick your elective, Noah got music for his elective.

Signup Information

If you are interested in learning more about this school or would like to signup for this school, Here is all the information you will need to answer all your questions before you commit to joining the school. If you are interested in my other review videos that are on my website, check them out Here

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