iPega Joy Con Charger for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo switch charging dock to charge the joy con remote controllers, this dock holds up to four joy con controllers at once. When the lights are Red, that means the controllers are charging, when they are Blue, it means they are fully charged.

Never worry about having dead joy con controller ever again, just once you are finished using the controllers, plug it in and they will be all charged up for the next usage. No wires or cables to plug in, just connect the usb part into the port and that is it, you are ready to start charging.

This charging device uses your side usb port to charge the controllers, but in the back, it gives you an extra usb for wired controllers.

About Charging Dock

Keep Controllers Charged and ready to play – You literally just plug it into the switch and you’re good to go. It doesn’t interfere with docking. This allows you to charge a total of 6 Joy Cons at once. Save Space – Charges and keeps all your joy-cons in ones place! The size of it is very slim, doesn’t take up much more space. It also keeps your joy cons secure.

iPega Joy Con Charger for Nintendo Switch

Easy to Install – Very easy to set up. It plugs into the left-side front USB port on the Switch docking station and, if you choose to use it, has a piece of double stick tape to keep it secured in place.

Clear LED Indicator – A Red light means it’s charging and blue light means charged, or empty slot. The assembly stays clear of the charging console even when the Joy Cons are still connected.

Joy Con Charger for Nintendo Switch

Extra Gifts – We add 6 cat claw thumb grips for switch joy con as a gift. They are different colors and you can choose the colors you like to protect the joysticks.

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