4D Gummy Block Christmas House Challenge.

Gummy Block Christmas House is a nice birthday, Christmas gift or anytime gift for your child. Does your child like to build and put things together? This gummy bear house is a nice challenge. You will definitely love building this gummy bear house, adding on the roof and placing the gummies on top before they all melt.

The Kit

Gummy Block Christmas House comes with the papers to make the house and the roof, one big bag of lego block gummies and some instructions on how to put the house together. When putting this gummy house together, we did need to put it in the refrigerator a few times for 20 minutes as the gummies were becoming soft to the touch and were not sticking to the house paper.



I was pleased I was able to do this challenge with my Nana, we both had an awesome time trying to put together this house, even though it took us about an hour and a half to complete. Most of the time spent on this challenge was letting the gummies set in the refrigerator to harden up the gummies.

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Gummy Block House

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