Google Santa Tracker 2020

Santa Tracker 2020 Live feed: If you are one like me and want to see Santa Claus delivering all the Christmas presents on Christmas eve, then you will want to watch my live feed of Santa.

Google Santa Tracker is an annual Christmas-themed entertainment program first launched back in 2004 by Google them selves. It simulates the tracking of the legendary character Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, and before that also allows users to play, watch, and learn through little activities that are added daily in December.

How The Google Santa Tracker 2020 works

Every Christmas Eve, the Google Santa Tracker begins to simulate tracking of an imaginary Santa at about midnight in the furthest east time zone. The map shows Santa alternating between traveling and handing out presents in cities.

Santa appears to travel approximately one time zone west per hour. Counters, which show fake data, simulate to viewers how far Santa has traveled so far, how long until he reaches the viewer’s city on the map, the distance from the viewer’s city, and the total number of presents delivered. Santa is depicted as having helpers with him, including the standard reindeer and elves, along with penguins and a snowman.

Santa’s Village

Santa’s village is also now open for business, with a whole host of mini games, videos and fun activities to play. There are many games you children can play like cutting Santa’s hair, color decorations, and many other activities. Come take a look at the endless possibilities.

Come watch The Google Santa Tracker 2020 Live Show below

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