Gingerbread train kit has been purchased for Noah to decorate it just before Christmas. Noah already did a gingerbread house, he wanted to now do the train set. This kit included all the stuff you will need to build this train and the caboose to put the tree in.

We made sure all the pieces were in the set and none of the cookies broke. We opened the package, took out all the pieces to start building the train.

The first step is to ice the bottom of the tray, so the train will stay in place. The second step is to put the icing on the sides of the train making it connect to each other.

The third step is to make sure all sides are together with icing, so the sides will not fall down. The next step is to add the frosting and all the candy decorations to the train. Coloring the tires, the caboose, tree and around the train.

After Noah finished the train and the caboose, it looked so good. Good enough to eat just after waiting for all the icing to dry. Next year, we will have to decorate a different gingerbread treat, maybe a different house. We will have to see what next year brings in gingerbread treats.

Take a look at the video below to see how fun it was putting up the train, and decorating it.

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