Giant Kids Checkers Toys Review

Giant Kids Checkers Toys Review


Giant Kids Checkers Toys Review: Today we went to a place called The Cracker Barrel to order some food, and while we waited for our food to be cooked, we decided to look around the store. Inside the store, there were lots of toys, clothing, food and much more stuff. We made our way through the store looking at all the toys and candy.

After looking at all the candy, we made our way outside where there were lots of rocking chairs to sit on, and a giant checkers board game to play.

Playing Checkers Waiting For our Food

In waiting for our food, we decided to play some checkers outside. Noah just loved playing the checkers game. The game and pawns were so big, that it was a challenge to play. It was very fun to play with the big checkers

You can see by pictures how big this game board is, and fun it looked. After we finished playing a game of checkers, our food was finally done. I definitely will have to come back to another few rounds of checkers. Next time Noah can be the red color.

Check out the video below to see how much fun this game is to play, it’s a good family game to play.

Giant Kids Checkers Toys Review

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