Doctor Play Set Toys Review

Doctor Play Set Toys Review

Doctor Play Set Toys Review


As a gift request from Noah to Santa, Doctor Play Set Toys was one of the items on the list. As a Christmas gift, Noah received this Doctor playset, now he wanted to review this playset.

Watch as Noah shows all the items and explains what they are and then he plays a doctor using those items.


Doctor Play Set Toys

This particular set includes a 12 Piece Set Stethoscope, Otoscope, Scalpel, Mirror, Glasses, Scissors, Forceps, Syringe, Medicine bottle, Name Tag and Carrying Case.

This is a Great Gift Idea for any age kids, your kids will love to play with this play toy set.

Simulation of cute design, not only to eliminate the baby’s fear of injection but also let the baby understand how the doctor treats the patient.

Simulation of special medical equipment, through the game into life, learning medical knowledge.

Doctor Play Set Toys


The use of environmentally friendly plastic, accessories, sleek corners, will not hurt the baby, safer and parents more assured. With a sturdy plastic carrying case, easy for the baby to carry.

Check out the video to see the full details and what all comes in the doctor play set case.


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If you like this toy, you can purchase it online from the links below. If you are in the U.K, we have you covered.

To purchase this toy Online:


Pretend Doctor 19 pcs: 

Pretend Doctor 31 pcs: 

Pink Doctor Playset 19 pcs: 


Pink Doctor Playset 19 pcs: 

Doctor Playset 31 pcs: 

Doctor Playset 19 pcs: 


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