Crenova 4WD Kids Electric RC Truck

Crenova 4WD Electric Truck

Crenova 4WD Kids Electric RC Truck


Crenova 4WD Kids Electric Truck: Crenova has introduced us to another great item from their list of great items. This 4wd electric RC remote control is a great toy for kids of ages 5 and up. You can make this car spin, move front and backward with just a touch of the remote control.

Rechargeable Battery

With this Crenova 4WD Kids Electric Truck, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a lot of batteries as it has a rechargeable battery with a USB charging cable to charge up the battery. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a  400mAh battery for all-day play. The remote control uses the standard 2 AA batteries to run the controller.

Motor In The Car

The robust motor packs a punch when running this car around, it can go as fast a maximum of 3 miles an hour or 12 km and hour. This motor allows the toy car to run on multi-terrain fields, such as ricks, dirt, and gravel.

Crenova Kids Toy Car

Kids Toy Electric Car


Experience The Real Excitement: The Crenova 1:24 2WD makes kids can now say goodbye to boring racing video games, and instead race with Crenova remote control cars to feel the REAL THRILL of racing with its AMAZING flip-ready car that can do 360° extreme tumbling, spins, forward/backward, and left/right turns!

Long-Lasting Batteries, Dazzling Headlights: The full kit includes 1 rechargeable lithium-ion battery (3.7V, 400mAh) for the car and 2 AA batteries (1.5V) for remote, letting you get started soon and having an uninterrupted playing time of 20min. The 2 beautiful LED headlights are perfect for exciting night racings and the remote gives precise control up to 50m.

Run, Like A Fierce Leopard: The robust brushed motor produces great power and a maximum speed of 12km/h, allowing the buggy to effortlessly run on multi-terrain fields, such as grassland, sand, gravel, mud, snow, rocks, concrete road, and more. The buggy is designed for both off- and on-road racing, bringing endless fun for all players.

Durable Enough For Tough Games: This reinforced RC car is mainly made of non-toxic, fine-quality ABS plastic. With anti-crash structure, shockproof chassis, scratch-resistant rubber tires, and eco-friendly body painting, it provides incredible stability and consistent reliability during operation regardless of harsh environment and tough conditions.

High-Performance Product & Service: Crenova always delivers professional products and the best shopping experience to fulfill customers’ expectations over the years. The company offers 1-year free returns or refunds, 24/7 customer service, and lifetime technical support.

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Crenova Remote Control Car

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