Christmas Cookie Decoration

Christmas Cookie Decoration

Christmas Cookie Decoration 


Christmas Cookie Decoration: Today we decided to decorate some Christmas cookies to hang on the Christmas tree. With Christmas just around the corner, this would be a great project to do.

We purchased a box that contained different shape cookies, frosting, and some candy to decorate the cookies. The first cookie up was the gingerbread cookie, this one Noah started with coloring the hat then the body.

Noah decorated the gingerbread man with red color for the hat, colored around the body with white frosting and then added some black to the body to finish it off. After Noah finished the gingerbread man, he ate the cookie and went on decorating the Christmas tree cookie.

Christmas tree cookie decorating time, first off Noah used the green frosting to color the tree green. After coloring the tree green, Noah added color ball candy as the Christmas bulbs on a tree. Noah then added a snowflake on top of the tree as the tree star.

Once the bulbs were added to the cookie, Noah added some white frosting to make it look like snow, then he added some candy to the cookie to finish it off.

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