Boston’s Pizza Fun Indoor Games

Boston’s Fun Indoor Games: Today we had not much to do so we decided to go get some takeout food from the restaurant. Waiting for our food to be finished, Noah saw the play area where there were many games to play with.

The lady at the register gave Noah some coins to play the games while we were waiting for the food. The first game we played was the basketball game, there Noah threw a couple of balls before he got bored and wanted to play a different game.

Then we made it over to the dance game where Noah had to dance to the movies on the tv screen. Noah made his way through all the games to see what was fun about them. He particularly liked the shooting game.

Too many games to choose from in just a short time, while we were waiting for our food.

Boston’s is a fun Theme Park place to take your children to play and to sit down to have a great meal. Take a look at all the fun games to choose from, Noah has some fun playing the games. We are going to visit again very soon because we had a fantastic time.

Boston’s Fun Indoor Games

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