Noah’s Among Us 9th Birthday Cake

Among Us Birthday Cake turned out very nice, using a plain cake from Frys. You can see how easy it was to make your dream cake. If you loved how this one turned out, you can subscribe to my website to see more cake designs from a plain cake.

Among Us Birthday Cake

Among Us Birthday Cake

The cake was made from a grocery store cake that was plain, we took that cake and turned it into an awesome Among Us cake that turned out super cute. This cake was super easy to make, since we already had the cake from the store, we did not need to bake the cake. The only thing we did to make this great cake, was to take the icing from the plain cake, mix the colors together and warm it enough to make the icing workable.

Once the icing has been warmed, you can apply it to the cake, working around the sides and top of the cake. After we covered the cake with the blue icing, we added some kit kat’s to the back and sides of the cake not putting any in the front. In the front, I added some red icing to add the word “Imposter” on the cake, then I used red and blue to write Noah 9 on the bottom cake board.

The Among Us Birthday Cake

If you like the Among us then this cake will be for you, it turned out great and we are happy how it turned out. We merged two different cakes to make this one. Here are the ones we merged together.

Among Us

Among Us

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